The benefits of spinning

You may have heard, or experienced it for yourself, but Spinning classes can feel tough, especially on your legs, as they will be doing most of the hard work. But once you hear the benefits and start to see the changes that spin can have on your fitness and physique, you are bound to want to saddle up more often.

What happens in a Spinning class?

At all three NuYu gyms, our spinning classes take place in our designated spin studios on special designed spin bikes. You will be guided by the instructor through a series of different movements to work your arms and upper body, as your legs pedal away below. The workout is set to music, so the pumping beat and the encouragement of the instructor will keep you energised right to the end.

Spinning versus cycling

So what’s the difference between a Spinning and regular cycling on a bicycle (apart from the obvious fact that the bike isn’t moving!)? Without the distraction of a moving environment, you focus can be 100% on your pedalling, not to mention it being a lot safer. There’s no need for helmets or pads, or to think about the interfering weather; spinning classes can be completed in your ordinary gym gear. The movement in your upper body will also tone your arms, back and abdominal muscles, something that cannot be obtained by normal cycling.

Hard work pays off!

You get out what you put in, so you are in charge of your own speed and effort in these classes. This means that Spinning can be enjoyed by any age and any ability. However fast you are going, though, your thighs, hamstrings and calves will feel the benefits of your spinning and improve in both tone and shape.

Get on your bike!

Working on your individual goal in a group environment will ensure you reach your personal targets and have great fun along the way. Sign up to one of our Spinning classes as any of our NuYu gyms as part of our Free Play activity range.



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